Hunt Hill incurs many operating costs to run camp throughout the year. Below is a partial list of these with their average annual costs and how you can help.

Please consider sponsoring ALL OR PART of one or more of the sponsor areas listed below. Donations can be made to Hunt Hill, or pay online by using the button at the top of this page.

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$100 for 14 school students
$20 for one day of day camp

Many families cannot afford to send their youth to camp without the support of a scholarship.  Scholarships cover up to 50% of the camper fees and 100% of school fees. Choose to sponsor individuals for a camp or help bring groups of school children out to Hunt Hill during the year.

Summer Environmental Educator Interns: $2500/intern/summer

Interns gain valuable work experience while developing and leading a wide variety of summer programs for Hunt Hill visitors and campers.  Your sponsorship will help cover their salaries so we can afford to add additional interns to our team!

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Facility Maintenance: $6000

This sponsorship helps cover the annual average costs associated with maintaining, improving and updating our facilities to meet State safety requirements and visitors’ needs.


Taxidermy: $200/animal

Help us update and improve our collection of educational animal displays by donating towards our taxidermy fund.  We often get offers of specimen donations, but no way to pay for their preservation.  Sponsorship in this area helps us cover the costs of preserving and mounting donated specimens.