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lower-rain-gardenThe grounds at Hunt Hill are kept immaculate thanks to our gardendedicated maintenance team!

Our property features beautiful butterfly gardens around the office; flowers are found around our barn and shower house and our rain gardens feature different blossoms throughout the summer. Many of the perennials planted around the barn were donated from a neighbor, Theresa Sigmund, who had cultivated lovely flower gardens on her own property over the years.

In addition, we also grow many of our vegetables right on site. Our camp vegetable garden is located directly across the farmhouse. Here, volunteer gardeners grow a variety of vegetables using TLC and our own homemade compost!

Around our grounds, visitors will also notice 4 distinct ‘flower beds.’ These beds are actually our rain gardens! They are located near the parking area, next to the dining hall, behind the farmhouse and near square dorm. These rain gardens were established with the help of the Long Lake Preservation Association, WDNR and volunteers. Not only are they beautiful, but they use native water-hardy plants to act as a buffer for water before it enters our watershed.