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Hunt Hill’s main campus consists of an amphitheater, dorms, a shower house, barn dining hall and loft, library, nature store, recreation hall, farmhouse office, kiosks, nature-scape play area and cooperation course.


Completed in 2012, Hunt Hill is thankful for all the generous donations that made our new amphitheater stage and seating a reality. With the help of Mike Lillyblad of Aagar Construction, along with the dedicated work of a few volunteers, we were able to create stone terraced seating with grassy steps in the fall of 2011.

In the summer of 2012, an anonymous donor stepped forward and paid for us to create our dream amphitheater stage. The stage is all cedar, has diagonal decking with a rounded front, an arched pergola roof, electricity and unique bench seating. It is surrounded by forest and overlooks Upper and Lower Twin lakes. It is a perfect location for wedding ceremonies, plays, summer concerts and more. The amphitheater is located between the Cross and Square Dorm near the start of the Frances Andrews Trail.

Richard Grand Recreation Hall

The Richard Grand Recreation Hall has recently being renovated. The converted garage is now a climate controlled space featuring two patios, a stone fireplace, wall dividers, and more. It is a great space to host a retreat, meeting, birthday party, wedding, or other special event.


The Barn has been converted into a full-size commercial kitchen and Dining Hall. It can seat approximately 100 guests.

The Barn Loft serves as a great space to host dances or other large gatherings. It can accommodate approximately 100 people.


Our dorms are comprised of comfortable double-occupancy rooms and group rooms.  In the summer of 2008, our beds were all updated. Dorms are available for rent May-October.

Long Dorm-—Sleeps 36 in single beds. Seventeen rooms, 15 of which sleep two and two of which sleep 3.  Connecting rooms are as follows: Rooms 1 and 3, 2 and 4, 5 and 7, and 6 and 8. There are two washrooms (men and women) in Long Dorm.

Cross Dorm—Sleeps 45 in single beds.  Four wings each have 8-12 single beds each. Three ‘chaperone’ rooms have two singles beds each.  There are two washrooms (men and women) and a lounge area in Cross Dorm.

Shower House

The shower house provides hot water showers and faucets, in addition to toilets and urinals. A handicapped accessible toilet and shower are located on the backside of the building – inquire in the office for the key.


Our rustic Library can hold 70 people comfortably. It is the perfect place for a wedding ceremony, meeting or a nice place to relax. This building has a stone fireplace, piano, resource materials and newly refinished wood floors.

Farmhouse Office

The first floor of the Farmhouse serves as our staff office. Normal business hours are 9am – 4pm Monday-Friday.

Nature Store

The Nature Store is open during summer camps or upon request. It features local artist products, nature games and books, t-shirts, and a variety of fun toys.

Information Kiosks

We have three information kiosks throughout camp – outside the Farmhouse, along the walking path through camp, and in the lower parking lot near “Larry’s Shop”.

The kiosks feature information related to Hunt Hill like upcoming programs, trail maps, and staff information.

White donation boxes are located on the two kiosks in camp.  Donations are greatly appreciated to help maintain our trails and camp.

Children’s Nature-Scape

The children’s nature-scape area is located behind the Farmhouse. It features a mud pit, water play area, climbing areas, picnic tables, and more.

Cooperation Course

With the guidance of a Hunt Hill staff member, groups of all ages work together to solve cooperative puzzles and physical challenges. From switching order on the troll bridge without stepping off, to sneaking through a giant spider web, and fitting everyone inside a wooden box before the blizzard comes, the cooperation course encourages individuals to work together and communicate for the success of the whole. These obstacles build community and cooperation between individuals. The course is great for adults as well.