Why are You Inviting, But NOT Inviting Me? Although it can be a lot of fun to get dressed up, go out and socialize, sometimes we just want to help a cause without having to put in all that work! This fundraiser is an invitation to support our cause by giving a donation in lieu of being asked to attend an event.

Do I Sign Up to Attend? You do not need to sign up for this event because the actual event does not exist! If you would like to support this fundraiser, you can make a donation here, call us or mail in a check.

Is There an Actual Event? Nope. Even though A Dance for Day Camps sounds like a lot of fun, we are saving the time, energy and expenses associated with putting on a big event and instead directing those resources to support our sanctuary and programming. If you want to support this as well, we hope you’ll consider making a donation to Hunt Hill in honor of this event.

What Will the Donations be Used For? Expenses to offer day camps have gone up significantly this past year. However, we don’t want our families and children to be turned away from camp due to the increases in price. In 2023 we are offering families a sliding scale pricing structure to attend camp. Donations collected from this fundraiser will help us offer below cost pricing to our day camp families, based on what they can afford to pay, instead of what we would have to charge to break even on costs.