Birds and Beer


beer-422138Second Thursdays of every month!
Registration at 5:30 pm, Program begins at 6:00 pm

Socialize with other nature enthusiasts over snacks and beverages, and enjoy an engaging presentation from a local expert in a happy-hour atmosphere. Each Birds and Beer program features a different presenter at a different location, so you’re sure to learn something new each time!

Each ticket includes a free drink, complimentary snacks, and an informative presentation. All proceeds help fund programs at Hunt Hill.

Program Fee: $10/person if ticket purchased  in advance, $15/person at the door

Reserve your ticket by calling 715-635-6543, emailing, or purchase your ticket by credit card at Brown Paper Tickets by clicking “Purchase ticket here” for each individual program.

Birds of the Rainbow
Jan Killian, Photographer and Artist

January 11, 2018

This month’s speaker is Jan Killian, local wildlife photographer and artist. Birds of Wisconsin boast big personalities, bright colors, and designer feathers. Jan Killian shares her point of view while photographing her favorite subject matter.

Hosted at Butternut Hills Golf Course, Sarona
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Love Birds
Ryan Magana, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

February 8, 2018

This month’s speaker is Ryan Magana, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Regional Ecologist. Singing, dancing, booming, strutting and cartwheeling: birds have some of the most colorful and expressive courtship rituals in the animal kingdom! Discover the wide range of displays that birds employ in order to pass on their genes and ensure the vitality of their species.

Hosted at Cheers at Tagalong Golf Course, Birchwood
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Bird Brainiacs: Ravens Crows and Jays
Katie Connolly, Hunt Hill Audubon Sanctuary

March 8, 2018

This month’s speaker is Katie Connolly, Program Director at Hunt Hill Audubon Sanctuary, naturalist, and self-proclaimed bird nerd. Learn about the fascinating lives of Corvids: a family of birds that includes crows, ravens, and jays. Once you discover how intelligent these “bird brains” are, you’ll never look at a corvid the same way again!

Hosted at Pine Lodge Restaurant at Heartwood, Trego
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The Science of Bird Banding
Jeannette Kelly, Beaver Creek Reserve

April 12, 2018

This month’s speaker is Jeannette Kelly, Citizen Science Director at Beaver Creek Reserve. The banding of birds has been occurring for centuries, but was first used for scientific research in 1899. Learn about the history of bird banding, why it is done, how it is done, and what has been learned.

Hosted at The White Stag, Rice Lake
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*This venue is not handicapped accessible*


Birds of the Bog and Wetlands
Tracey Hames, Wisconsin Wetlands Association

May 10, 2018

This month’s speaker is Tracey Hames, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Wetlands Association. We will learn about the myriad of bird species that are found in Wisconsin wetlands, with a special emphasis on the Stone Lake Community Wetland Park.

Hosted at The Whistle Punk, Stone Lake
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What is a Timberdoodle?
Valerie Johnson, Ruffed Grouse Society

June 14, 2018

This month’s speaker is Valerie Johnson, Forest Wildlife Specialist for the Ruffed Grouse Society. Learn about the elusive lifestyle of the woodcock and find out why it goes by a handful of different nicknames such as the timberdoodle, mudbat and bogsucker.

Hosted at Getaway Bar and Grill, Sarona
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The Lives of the Loons
Barb Sabatke,  Long Lake Loon Ranger

July 12, 2018

This month’s speaker is Barb Sabatke, Long Lake Loon Ranger. Learn about these iconic Northwoods birds and what you can do to help them, whether you live on a rural lake or in the city.

Hosted at The Potter’s Shed, Shell Lake
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Birding by Ear
Steve Betchkal, Gaylord Nelson Audubon

August 9, 2018

This month’s speaker is Steve Betchkal, president of the Gaylord Nelson Audubon Society. Tweet. Chirp. Warble. Caw. Ornithologist Steve Betchkal is fluent in bird. You can be too — with a little help from mnemonics. Parlez vous chickadee?

Hosted at Quillen’s Big Bear, Mikana
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Trumpeter Swan Success Story
Pat Manthey, retired WI DNR

September 13, 2018

This month’s speaker is Pat Manthey, retired Wisconsin DNR biologist, who will tell the comeback story of trumpeter swans in Wisconsin. We will explore the natural history of this magnificent bird, its decline, and how a dedicated group of public servants, generous donors, and volunteers returned them to our marshes and sky.

Hosted at Pinebrook Farm, Spooner
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Wisconsin’s Raptors
Chris Cold, WI DNR

October 11, 2018

This month’s speaker is Chris Cold, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Educator. Learn about these hunters of the sky who call Wisconsin home and their unique adaptations, and meet a live raptor up close and personal.

Hosted at Nezzy’s Sports Bar, Cumberland
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Wild Turkeys
Kevin Morgan, WI DNR

November 8, 2018

This month’s speaker is Kevin Morgan, Wisconsin DNR Wildlife Biologist. We will discover how turkeys were reestablished in Wisconsin, how their population has expanded to cover the entire state, and how Wisconsin has become one of the most popular turkey hunting states in the country.

Hosted at Rolling Oaks Golf Course, Barron
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Creating a Bird Friendly Backyard
Katie Connolly,  Hunt Hill Audubon Sanctuary

December 13, 2018

This month’s presenter is Katie Connolly, Program Director at Hunt Hill Audubon Sanctuary, naturalist, and self-proclaimed bird nerd. Participants will learn how to attract a variety of birds to their property, and what we can do to help scientists understand our backyard visitors.

Hosted at Cameron House, Cameron
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