What is Plogging?

“Plogging” is the combination of jogging and picking up litter. It combines the Swedish words “plogga up,” which means “to pick up” and “jogga,” which means “to jog.”

Yes! It’s a real thing! Plogging started in Sweden in 2016 and since then has spread all over the world as a means of reducing plastic pollution. Read more about it on its Wikipedia page.

How Much Does It Cost?

Individual Ticket $25/person – This ticket price covers one individual of any age. The individual will receive a participant’s medal, a racer’s bib, and all swag including a drawstring bag and a stainless steel straw set.

Family Tickets $100/family – Choose this option if you have four or more participants in your family. This ticket price covers up to two adult guardians and all youth in their care. Please include the number of participants in your family and their names. All participants in the family will receive a participant’s medal, a racer’s bib, and all swag including a drawstring bag and a stainless steel straw set.

How Do I Register?

REGISTRATION IS CLOSED! We have reached 100 participants and no longer have any swag left to distribute. Of course, you are always welcome to plog in your neighborhood even without registering.

Registration is required. Register by April 12 to ensure that you will receive your swag by the week of Earth Day. You may register after April 12, but you will have to pick up your swag and materials locally or receive your swag after the event.

How & Where Can I Plog?

Anyone can plog anywhere! Since this is a virtual event, you can choose a location that works best for you. You can plog alone or with a group.

Even though plogging originally was about picking up litter while jogging, you may use any method of transportation to plog.

Here are some other ways you can plog:

  • jog
  • walk
  • hike
  • paddle
  • bike

While we encourage you to travel 5 kilometers, you may travel as far as you would like. You may still participate even if you are unable to travel a full 5K.

Two participants will be chosen randomly to win a cash prize of $50!

Please join the Facebook Group to post and share pictures from your plogging adventures!

When Should I Plog?

This Virtual event starts in the morning of Monday, April 19 and ends in the evening of Sunday, April 25.

You may plog any time during the week of Earth Day. Stay safe by doing your plogging during daylight hours when your visibility is highest.

What Swag Do I Receive?

All participants will receive the following swag prior to the event:

  • Locally made participant medal
  • Drawstring bag
  • Stainless steel drinking straw set
  • Runner’s bib (either in digital or paper form)

Thanks to Our Sponsors

Thanks as well to Royal Credit Union for donating prize money, Burnell’s Decor for donating a gallon of paint with paint kit, and Washburn County Tourism for a welcome basket!