Spanish Camp Staff

Robert Kohl – Spanish Camp Co-Director

Bob is a Wisconsin native who has lived in various states and traveled internationally.  He taught himself Spanish and speaks 4 languages. He served 2 years as the Assistant Operations Director for the American Institute of Musical Studies in Graz, Austria.   Currently a retired Ph.D., he taught undergraduate and graduate chemistry at the Universities of Iowa, Colorado, Michigan and Detroit. Bob has been a Hunt Hill Spanish Camp volunteer since 2014.  He learned Spanish through immersion, and brings both teacher and student’s view to the Hunt Hill adventure.

Luis Gatgens Jimenez – Spanish Camp Co-Director & Educator

Luis is from Miramar, Costa Rica.  He has been a familiar face to students at Hunt Hill since 1998 as an instructor, although not continuously.  He also was a Spanish instructor for Concordia Language Villages for 5 years. Through those experiences, he has acquired many tools for teaching and developed teacher friends from many Spanish speaking countries (plus the USA).  Luis is a firm believer in engaging students in immersion learning through activities and cultural exchanges – and having fun.

In addition, the camp includes 3 additional experienced language educators. These staff members are experienced teachers and most are native speakers from Central and South America. Each excels in creating a comfortable learning environment for language learners of all levels.