Day Camps

Camps in June, July and August
8:30am – 4:00pm

Hunt Hill Day Camp and Kids Campout Registration Packet 2018
Hunt Hill Day Camp Van Service to Rice Lake 2018
2018 Day Camp Dates and Topics


These themed daylong camps give youth the opportunity to be outside exploring, learning about and connecting with the natural world.

Camp starts at 8:30 am and ends at 4:00 pm each day. Each day features learning activities, nature games, crafts, hikes, swimming and a closing camper presentation, which adults are invited to attend.

Campers can  register by downloading the 2018 Day Camp Registration Packet above. Age range for campers is 5-12 years. Children are divided into small age appropriate groups.

If your child is 12 years or older and interested in helping at camp, they should consider volunteering as a Junior Counselor. Download the Junior Counselor Job Description and Application.

Program Fee: $40/day/camper. Register 2 weeks early and pay $33/day/camper. Sign up for 5 or more camps throughout the summer and pay $27/day/camper.
Hunt Hill Member Fee: $38/day/camper. Register 2 weeks early and pay $32/day/camper.  Sign up for 5 or more camps throughout the summer and pay $26/day/camper.  Scholarships are available.   You may make your payment through Brown Paper Ticket.

After Camp camp is offered each day of camp from 4:00pm – 5:30pm. For just an additional $3/child/day, families can choose to have their campers enjoy a bit more fun at Hunt Hill while allowing families to complete their typical workday. After Camp camp can be signed up for right on the Day Camp Registration form, on the day of camp or by calling Hunt Hill at 715-635-6543.





June 18 Rockin’ Reptiles These scaly, cold-blooded creatures are COOL! Discover just how unique these critters are.
June 19 Let’s Go Fishing Spend the day at the lakes of Hunt Hill as we bait, cast and catch fish! Great for all levels of anglers.
June 20 Hunt Hill Olympics Participate in teams as we compete in fun and friendly games.
June 21 Mad Scientists We’re going mad! Experience science up close and personal as we conduct crazy experiments.
June 22 Nature Art Discover the artistic side of nature, and make some beautiful art of your own.
June 25 Unofficial Minecraft Camp Be creative and work as a team as we bring this popular video game to life.
June 26 Space Camp This camp is out of this world! Find out more about our solar system and beyond.
June 27 Pioneer Camp Travel back in time and discover the lives of pioneer children nearly 200 years ago. Learn new games and  explore life before television.
June 28 Animal Builders There are some amazing architects in the animal world. Come discover some that live here at Hunt Hill.
June 29 Wet n’ Wild Slide like an otter, go pond ‘mucking’, have a sponge fight and water-fun all day long.
July 2 Wizard Camp We’re going to be wizards today at camp! Bring your magic wand, find fantastic beasts and explore the enchanted woods at Hunt Hill!
July 3 Awesome Amphibians Learn about these unique critters, and go searching for frogs, toads, and salamanders.
July 5 Buzzin’ Bugs We’re investigating     insects!  Some may  think bugs are creepy, but we think they are COOL!  Come learn why insects are amazing.
July 6 Canoe Camp Paddle across the lakes at Hunt Hill on an amazing adventure! All levels of canoe experience are welcome.
July 9 Dino-Mite Excavate  bones,  hunt like a velociraptor and explore the world of dinosaurs.
July 10 Yuck! Camp Nature can be yucky! We’ll get grossed out as we learn about the distasteful side of nature.
July 11 Underwater World What lurks in our lakes? Discover mysterious plants and animals that live in the water.
July 12 Survival Camp Working in teams we’ll build shelters, make fire and find food and water in the wild.
July 13 Pirate Camp Dress in your pirate best as we find buried treasure,  escape  trouble, speak pirate and learn about the lives of these sea “lubers”.
July 16 Animal Superpowers Learn about animals who have super strength, lightning speed, and other amazing adaptations.
July 17 Hunger Games Design your district outfit, practice survival techniques and see how well you can survive in a hunger games obstacle course.
July 18 Geology Rocks “Rock on” as we go on a rock hunt and experiment with how rocks are formed.
July 19 Raptors Owls, hawks, and falcons! Learn about these avian predators as we explore the world of birds of prey.
July 20 Storm Chasers We’re going wild about weather! Learn the science of clouds, lightning, and much more!
August 8 Feathered Friends Let’s go birding and explore what flying feathered creatures call Hunt Hill home.
August 9 Carnivore Camp What’s it like to be a meat-eater? We’ll find out as we learn about the carnivores of Hunt Hill.
August 10 Wildlife Detectives What animals live at Hunt Hill? Find clues to figure it out!