Our native Spanish-speaking Instructors have over 75 years combined language teaching experience!


My name is Ana Lia. I am from Argentina (born and raised), but I lived the past 23 years in the US. I have been the World Language Chair at the high school I teach at in Florida for the last 16 years. I have taught Spanish as a foreign language for eight years, and I teach Spanish for Spanish Speakers Level 1, 2, and 3, along with AP Spanish Language and AP Spanish Literature courses. I am a swimming and tennis coach, and the sponsor of the Latino Rams Club at my high school. I also work for the College Board as a Score Leader training, supporting, and overseeing colleagues who grade the AP Spanish Language exam. I love reading, hiking, gardening, and spending time with family and friends.


My name is Elvira. I am a native of Spain. I worked at Rock Valley College where, for 19 years, I taught Spanish and several Humanities courses including “Latinos is the United States”, and “Spanish and Latin American Cultural Expression.” Alongside with my colleague and friend, Cristina, I also served as the Coordinator of the Modern Language Department, conducted cultural tours to Spain, Peru, and Argentina, and presented foreign language films to the RVC community 3 times per semester on a volunteer basis. I believe in the full integration of language and culture which, as a native speaker, I can do with relative ease…..teaching Spanish brings me home.


My name is Peter. I grew up trilingual speaking Ukrainian, Spanish and English. My grandparents fled Ukraine and took refuge in Argentina. I have taught Spanish for 29 years at the high school level. In addition I have taught community college level and have also taught adult continuing education classes. While I have visited family and friends in Argentina several times, I have traveled to six different Spanish-speaking countries and love international travel. I love sharing my love of languages with others.


My name is Cristina. I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where most of my family still resides. I try to visit regularly, and travel throughout the country while there. Traveling is my passion! I am a retired educator after more than 30 years teaching Spanish in higher education. During my tenure I taught Spanish at all levels (from 101 to graduate classes). Elvira and I worked together for many years, and we had the pleasure to work with Peter for several years as well. Now that I have more free time, I work part-time as a translator and interpreter for several school districts, score AP Spanish (with Ana Lía) and of course, Hunt Hill Spanish camp!


My name is Kelly, and I am a native of Tomah, Wisconsin. I was lucky enough to live in Colombia for 9 years, where I taught English at an international school while starting my lifelong quest to learn and improve my Spanish! I have an Advanced C1 Spanish level and am currently involved in two Spanish book clubs, take weekly Spanish classes, and seek out every opportunity I can to practice. I am currently working as a Social Studies teacher at Tomah High School and my passion is spreading the love of learning about the world around us through history, travel, and human connections. I can’t wait to spend a week at Hunt Hill speaking Spanish with you!