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Hunt Hill has three dormitories in camp, two of which are available for housing during Spanish Camp. The dorms are simple, yet comfortable and quaint. Both dorms have a men’s and women’s restroom with sinks and toilets. Neither dorms have heat or air conditioning. The dorms are not handicap accessible.

Participants are able to choose from the following options:
1. Single Room in Long Dorm
*Limited availability

2. Shared Double Room in Long Dorm

3. A Shared Wing in Cross Dorm

Cross Dorm
Shared Wing in Cross Dorm
Guest Space in Cross Dorm
Lounge Area in Cross Dorm
Long Dorm
Shared Double Room in Long Dorm
Long Dorm Entrance

Showerhouse – NEW Showerhouse opening Summer 2023!

In addition to the men's and women's restrooms located in both dorms, a shower house is located just a few steps from the dorms. The shower house has hot water showers and faucets, as well as outlets for hair dryers, curling irons, etc.

Historic Cabin Rentals

For an additional expense, guests are welcome to stay in one of our two historic cabins located just up the hill from camp. To learn more about the Frances Andrew's Cabin and Log Cabin, click here.