Spanish Camp Accommodations

Enjoy simple, rustic accommodations in main camp of Hunt Hill Audubon Sanctuary!


Spanish Camp participants may choose to stay in the dormitories, at the historic cabins, or offsite. Options for dormitory rooms include:

  1. FULL A single room in Long Dorm. (Limited availability)
  2. A shared* double room in Long Dorm. 
  3. A shared** wing in Cross Dorm. 

*As of 3/22/24, there is only a shared space available for one male. 
**Only one wing in Cross Dorm is available as of 3/22/24. This wing can accommodate four people in total at this time.


The Long Dorm has 17 rooms with 2 twin beds in each (with the exception of rooms 16 and 17, which have 3 beds). A total of 36 people can be housed in the Long Dorm. Because of the limited space, we only allow a few of the Long Dorm rooms to be reserved as single rooms.

We highly encourage you to plan to share a room with another program participant. You can bunk with a family member or friend, or we can match you with another participant of the same gender who wishes to have a roommate.


The Cross Dorm has 3 shared double rooms with 2 twin beds in each, and 4 wings that can house between 7 and 12 people. This year, two double rooms and one wing are reserved for the instructors. The remaining three wings of the Cross Dorm can be used to house additional participants.

If you elect to stay in one of the Cross Dorm wings, you may have up to 3 roommates of the same gender. 


FULL Onsite Lodging – Single Room: $150/week
Onsite Lodging – Shared* Room: $100/week

Early** Arrival: $25/night

*A shared room has the potential of being shared with 1-3 others and will either be in Long Dorm or Cross Dorm, depending on availability. If you have a specific person in mind, make sure to note them when registering.
**Participants may choose to arrive On Saturday, July 27th, for an additional cost of $25/night


Restrooms for men and women are available in the dormitories and in the showerhouse.

Showers can be taken in the Showerhouse, just a few feet away from the dorms. The showers are private stalls that have hot water. The showerhouse was updated in 2023. 

Accessibility: Ramps were installed to allow access to the dormitories using walkers and wheelchairs. However, some hallways in Long Dorm may be too narrow for some walkers and wheelchairs.
Accessible restrooms with grab bars and sitting shower stalls are available in the Showerhouse. 

Electricity: Both dormitories have electricity to power the lights and to charge cell phones. The dorms have a limited amount of power and large appliances can flip the breaker. 

WiFi is available in and around the Office and the Recreation Hall. The dorms typically receive poor WiFi signal.

Cell service is typically okay for major carriers. Verizon is the most reliable carrier at Hunt Hill.

No air conditioning or heating in the dorms. Please be prepared for the weather by bringing both warm and cool weather items such as fans, warm clothing, and an extra blanket. 

Bring your own linens. Linens should be for a twin-sized bed or you can bring a sleeping bag instead. Don’t forget a pillow and a towel!

No food or drink (other than water) is allowed in the dormitories. This helps prevent any issues with pests. If you do have food items you would like to store during your stay, please use the refrigerator in the dining hall or store it in your vehicle.