Spanish Camp Activities

Participants look forward to a relaxed, yet full schedule each day of camp.
Daily activities include, but are not limited to the following:


We offer four language levels during camp. During the first evening, instructors and students meet and together they determine which level each student will begin at. If a student ever feels like they want to switch levels, they may do so at any time during the week. Each language level consists of small groups, which allows our instructors to adapt lessons to the needs of their group and provide more individualized help.

Most classes occur in the Richard Grand Recreation Hall which features a classroom for each level, comfortable chairs, climate control, and bathrooms in the building. Some portions of the class may occur outdoors when weather is favorable. 


Hunt Hill protects 600 acres of pristine Wisconsin lands and waters and features nearly 7 miles of trails. Participants can engage in many outdoor activities during the week. During free time, students can hike the trails, explore the lakes by canoe or kayak, spend quiet time recharging in nature, birdwatching, and more.  

In addition to self-led activities, Hunt Hill naturalists offer guided opportunities during the week. Activities include pontoon rides, naturalist-guided hikes, canoeing, swim time at our private beach, and more. 


Camp meals are all homemade and feature a variety of options at each meal. During registration, guests can indicate meal preferences. Although we do not offer individual plated meals, we do our best to accommodate dietary needs. Breakfast and lunch are typical camp meals. Breakfast can include foods like pancakes with bacon, french toast with sausage, egg bakes, plus there are always cereal and oatmeal choices. Typical lunches include taco bar, sub sandwiches, brats or hamburgers from the grill, homemade pizza, and more.  

Afternoon and evening meals highlight Hispanic cuisine. Each afternoon, a specialty appetizer and drink are prepared and served during a happy hour. Following happy hour, each evening’s dinner features a traditional meal. Each day we highlight a different country, and the evening meals are specific to the country featured for that day.  In addition to the specialty foods, a salad bar is always provided during dinner. 


Hunt Hill provides many opportunities to socialize during the week. 

Each morning during Coffee Conversations, students can get a jump start on their day by chatting with one another in Spanish.  Meals are a great time to socialize with others as we sit at community tables. 

Immediately after lunch, students can participate in a nature activity with other students and instructors, participate in optional additional language learning opportunities, form their own study groups, or find ways that best suit them to engage with others. (Of course there are many opportunities to find time alone to recharge for those who need time to themselves too!)

Each afternoon, a happy hour offers the opportunity to try new foods and to practice your language skills with other students and instructors. 


In addition to learning the language, our camp also incorporates cultural education. 

Each evening, one of our instructors gives a presentation highlighting a specific aspect of a Spanish-speaking country. These presentations offer our students opportunities to learn more about the country and the culture.

Fiesta 2023 Indoors


Enjoy great music, great snacks, and great…or even not-so-great dancing! No one will judge and who could ask for more? On the final evening of our Spanish camp, students are invited to celebrate the week with a fun fiesta. 

The fiesta is a great way to let loose, socialize with other students, celebrate a great week and enjoy good music. Students, instructors, and Hunt Hill staff all come out for the fiesta.  It is a special way for us to cap off a wonderful week.