What language level am I?

Starting new in 2024, Hunt Hill will not offer a complete beginner language level. Instead, the first level is Beginner II.


Beginner II

Prerequisites: Numbers, alphabet, articles, nouns, gender and number, how to form a plural word, ser and estar, tener, hay, present tense and verb to go (ir).

Beginner II will use Spanish as much as possible without overwhelming the students. This level will focus on vocabulary, including: “yogo” verbs (salir, tener, poner, hacer, traer), “gustar” verb, stem-changing verbs, simple preterit of regular verbs (and irregular, if time allows), and “por” and “para.” Verbs ser and estar will be reviewed on day one, as well as verbs ending in -ar, -er, and -ir.


Intermediate will use Spanish at least 50% of the time. This level will focus on learning and improving grammar: the preterite and imperfect, their forms and uses both as individual tenses and in combination when narrating events, actions, emotions, and physical estates in the past. If time permits, compound tenses (present perfect, past perfect) along with simple past tenses (which can add detail and texture to specific situations and conditions) will be discussed. 

Advanced I

Advanced I will use Spanish 90% to 100% of the time. Latin music, poetry, storytelling, and short stories will be used to develop reading comprehension and speaking skills to further interpersonal communication skills. Conversational practice will focus on using the subjunctive to express one’s beliefs and opinions in Spanish on a variety of topics with vocabulary taught. This class will review present tense for the formation of present subjunctive. Grammar taught will be present subjunctive and presenter perfect subjunctive in noun clauses, and some adverbial clauses if time allows.

Advanced II

Advanced II will be conducted 100% in Spanish, and participants will engage in real-life interactions through pair work, small group work, and as a class. It is expected that participants are familiar with all concepts/grammar presented in all previous classes. This is an advanced conversation class. There will be no grammar presentations, though grammar may be discussed as needed. 


In our commitment to providing participants with an exceptional learning experience, we have decided to no longer offer a complete beginner’s level this year. Instead, Beginner II now serves as the entry point for those with basic Spanish language knowledge. This adjustment aims to support participants with foundational skills in their journey to further enhance their proficiency. Recognizing the diverse skill set among beginners, we believe this change better aligns with the varied needs within this group. To ensure an improved experience for our participants, we kindly request that individuals possess a basic understanding of the Spanish language.